Fans enjoy NASCAR at COTA for third year

Sunday was the big race for the NASCAR Cup Series at Circuit of the Americas.

This is the third year the event has been at COTA.

Fans shared what they were most looking forward to.

"Smelling gasoline and hearing loud engines," Erich Wheeler said.

He says he lives in Del Valle.

"Just being here in Del Valle, you can't resist, you got to go, so I just bought a ticket, got on my motorcycle, come down and see some good racing," he said.


Since 2021, NASCAR has made stops at two tracks in the state - COTA and Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth.

"Oval course is a lot better, say being in Fort Worth, because wherever you sit, you could see the whole track, this is a little bit different, I spent some money on the main grandstand, but all I see is the pit stalls and they zoom by me, but the cameras have gotten better," fan Eric Martinez said.

He says he hasn't been to other speedways out of state and used to go to Fort Worth. He's glad COTA is closer to home.

"If God wanted me to have wings, he would've gave me wings, but I'm not no angel so I ain't getting them so I don't fly... I'm happy where I'm at, if I can drive to it, I'd like to go to another track out of state, but we'll see," he said.

There were plenty of activities throughout the weekend.

"We're pretty worn out," fan Kaden Fraunberger said. 

Officials say, after the fun, don't try to take what you saw onto the roads.

The Texas Department of Transportation teamed up with driver Ross Chastain for an anti-speeding campaign.

"There's no more racing after the race is over, so no matter what, when we all leave here, we just want everyone to slow down," Chastain said.