Not one home, car untouched by hail in Round Rock neighborhood

Not one home or car was untouched by hail in a Round Rock neighborhood Sunday night.

The combination of wind, rain and baseball-sized hail caused a lot of damage, especially in the Old Town Meadows neighborhood.

"I open the front door, next thing you see is just hail coming down, rain dumping, you see a couple of hits of hail, hit the railing of the gutter and then it just kind of folds and just swings down and breaks," said resident Ian Farres.

Throughout the night, the Farres family could hear the sounds of things breaking around them.

"It literally sounded like kind of like an apocalyptic zombie scene where there’s like thousands of them trying to get into your house and you’re just huddled because it’s so loud, I don’t know when it’s going to stop," Farres said.


It lasted about 25 minutes but was long enough to cause some serious damage.

"We probably had close to four-inch balls coming down, clusters they look like," Farres said.

The hail pelted the vehicles in the neighborhoods leaving them riddled with massive dents and smashed-in windshields. Many residents couldn’t make it to work Monday morning.

"Now it’s over and we just got to deal with the vehicles that, you know, can’t go to work because you don’t have a reliable car to use," said resident Leo Gonzalez.

So instead they’re cleaning up. "We got about probably 12, over 12 bags of leaves," Gonzalez said.

He says it may take the neighborhood a while to recover.

"We just feel sorry for everybody that is going to go through this and some people may be able to be ok with expense and some people are not going to be ok with that for a while," Gonzalez said.

"Everybody lost something and it’s devastating," Farres said.