Police unions remember officer killed in South Austin shooting

Senior police officer Jorge Pastore was killed in the line of duty on Saturday morning while attempting to rescue two victims in a hostage situation in South Austin.

The two victims were pronounced dead at the scene, as well as the suspect. Another officer was injured and is reportedly in stable condition.

"It’s a sad, sad thing because this officer did exactly what he was trained to do as officer, risk everything, knowing full well that that could be the last moment of their life, went into harm's way and did exactly what they were supposed to do," says Charley Wilkison, executive director of CLEAT.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, there have been 100 line of duty deaths this year, and 41 causes of death were from gunfire.

"These officers bravely went in, and they did save one life and attempted to save others," says Wilkison.

During Saturday morning's briefing, interim police chief Robin Henderson was holding back tears while stating that an officer was killed and another was injured.

"I'd like to thank Travis County tact medics and Travis County EMS, our officers on scene. Austin fire and the medical staff that treated our officers and worked so hard to save our officer's life," said Henderson.


Community members have shown an outpouring of support for the police department as they mourn the loss of a fellow officer.

"We really, we are really lucky that all the police officers throughout the state of Texas and throughout the nation actually show some type of support for the families, support for the Austin PD or the department that loses someone," says Chris Ceballos, president of the Texas Municipal Police Association.

APD will be conducting two concurrent investigations into this incident.

The 100 Club of Central Texas has activated its survivor and critically injured funds in response to the shooting.