Potential Corridor K could cut through farmland in east WilCo

Williamson County is working on a long-range transportation plan, but a potential corridor could cut through homes and farms in the eastern part of the county.

"This is the land that my husband and I decided, this is where we want to stay for the rest of our lives," said Wren Loesel, who lives just outside Walburg.

But a letter in the mail forced some residents, like Loesel, to rethink their quiet country way of life.

"It was a complete shock," said Loesel. "We probably wouldn’t have built the house had we known about that."

A highway may end up cutting through her backyard. It’s called Corridor K, an expansion of 195 off I-35.

"We want to look at it and come up with a good plan so that people can travel safely," said Connie Odom, the communications director for Williamson County. "They can get to schools, they can get to work, they can get to all the places they need to go safely."

The county is in a Right-of-Way preservation study for the corridor, which means the route could still change.

"I feel so strongly about this," said Lisa Rasmussen Hoing. "I said yeah, no, no way. No way is anybody putting a highway right next door to me."

She said she bought her property not knowing about the highway.

Her new home was supposed to be away from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown, especially for her dad, a Vietnam veteran.

"Now we're sitting right in the crux between two six-lane highways and our beautiful peace and quiet," said Rasmussen Hoing. "It just destroyed everything knowing that it’s coming."

The county said it’s open to what residents have to say, but it also has to prepare for growth in this area.


It could take a decade before anything happens. Engineers have to approve a design, then it will sit in a long-range transportation plan.

"Williamson County will not be constructing the roadway until it is needed," said Odom.

Until then, residents near Walburg hope there’s some middle ground.

"I would want the county to consider the landowners that are being affected by this," said Loesel.

The county said it is trying to consider all of these concerns. It’s already reduced the size of Corridor K and moved the route north.

Residents have a Facebook group called Preserve WilCo Now. It’s now at nearly 450 members.