Round Rock man uses Christmas decorations to raise money for dog rescue

One home in Round Rock is known in its neighborhood for its Christmas light show. Cole Gedwillo has decorated his home with over 100,000 lights that are programmed to 17 different songs, and he does it to help raise money for a local dog rescue.

“My parents, when I was younger, did their own kind of thing. I'd give them suggestions like, hey, we should maybe do something here, something there, and eventually, they were just like, if you want to do all this, you know, it's all yours,” said Gedwillo.

Gedwillo is a full-time college student in San Antonio. On the weekdays, he is there, but he’s in Round Rock on the weekends to run his intricate light show. “It took about five full weekends, five or six full weekends to get everything up running plugged in and ready to go,” he said.

He says he does it to make people smile, but he also does it to raise money for a local dog rescue. Every show, Gedwillo collects donations for Helping Hands Basset Hound Rescue.


“I'm accepting donations for them just to help them with medical bills for the dogs they've got, food, toys, treats, beds, whatever they need. As much as I can help, I'm going to help as much as I can,” he said.

He says the neighbors love the display. “It's kind of fun seeing all the kids that come by and their eyes just light up, like huge smiles. That's priceless,” said Gedwillo.


Gedwillo says he hopes to bring some needed holiday cheer for all who come to see the show. “I really went all out this year because I know a lot of families are having a lot of hard times this year so they can come by and watch the show and if I can give them a little bit of joy in the holiday season, that's all I do it for,” said Gedwillo.

For more information on the light show, visit Facebook: Gedwillo Christmas Lights, Instagram: gedwillo_lights, or Youtube: Gedwillo Lights.