San Antonio police looking to identify group known to attack, shoot pedestrians

The San Antonio Police Department is looking to identify a group of individuals known to assault pedestrians throughout the city.

The group, who all appear to be teenagers, were caught on surveillance video shared by the police department on social media. In the video, they're seen holding firearms, ranging from handguns to rifles. 

SAPD also shared a couple of stills as well.

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SAPD says the group has been known to drive around the city, jump out of their vehicle and assault pedestrians. They shoot their victims multiple times and leave them with no aid and multiple gunshot wounds.

They have been seen in multiple locations throughout the city, but it is currently unknown which area they frequent, says SAPD.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the SAPD Homicide Unit at 210-207-7635 and reference case number SAPD24067343.