Some Central Texas parks still open for Easter weekend

Park closures are taking many by surprise this holiday weekend and while most of Central Texas governments are closing their parks, some are keeping them open.

Some parks like Old Settlers Park in Round Rock are still open but some amenities are not available, like volleyball nets. Plenty of signs are also posted, reminding people to social distance.

“It’s going to be a down Easter man, it’s going to be a down Easter,” said Daniel Neves who lives in Leander. He stopped by the Williamson County Regional Park in the hopes to get some fresh air and play some disk-golf, but instead, he was met with a sign stating the park was closed.

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“I understand the kids and the playscapes, those definitely need to be closed but if somebody wants to go for a walk and social distancing why not, said Neves.

All across Central Texas are similar stories, parks closed in an effort to promote social distancing during this pandemic.

“I feel like with the lockdown with the quarantine, everybody is going stir crazy including myself. You’re home with your kids, money is tight, and this is one of the last great Meccas for people to get out to help with mental health and physical health and exercise which is what I’m trying to do,” said Neves.

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Not every park is closed for the weekend. Parks in Kyle remain open though playscapes are taped off and bathrooms are closed; going to the pond however is still allowed.

In Round Rock, they too have their parks open. Fox 7 Austin spoke with a person running on the trail who feels people there are following the social distancing guidelines.

“I think everyone is respecting each other’s personal space. I went out for a run and did laps around the lake here everyone kind of moves out of the way. Families are together but strangers tend to keep a distance,” said Steve Richards who lives in Round Rock.

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As for Neves, he feels closing the parks won’t stop people from going out for the holidays.

“Yeah I feel like it’s not good, it’s not good, people are stuck right now and this is the only thing that’s keeping them sane you know instead of walking up and down your stairs a thousand times,” said Neves.

Round Rock did state they will be keeping an eye on their parks to see if people are social distancing.

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City parks that remain open include:

  • Round Rock
  • Kyle
  • Burnet

Parks closing for Easter weekend include:


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