Souper Bowl of Caring

The Super Bowl isn't until next month but here in Austin a different kind of bowl is getting started. As part of the Souper Bowl of Caring, local people team up, get a game plan and feed the hungry.

The ball is in your court and the Souper Bowl of Caring needs your help.

President of Souper Bowl of Caring Clara Cooper says, "There's so many ways people can get involved. The decision is up to you."

"When you're out grocery shopping or getting all that food for the big game, think about someone else. Think about your neighborhood and purchase a hunger bag," Cooper adds.

Here in Central Texas, Souper Bowl of Caring estimates nearly 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 4 children are hungry.

The Capital Area Food Bank serves 48,000 people a week. 20,000 of them are children. 82 percent of the people they help are not homeless but considered the working poor. People are struggling, which is where this campaign comes in to play.

Cooper says, "Do I use the limited resources I have for food or do I keep the lights on. Or do I keep the rent on. We don't want people to have to make that."

Here's how the Souper Bowl of Caring in Austin works.

First, go to their website and register.

Next, form a team then, get a game plan.

"They decide which charity they want to support. They go out and collect money. They go out or can goods for that charity and donate to that charity," Cooper says.

You could even donate to a food pantry or a church.

Cooper says the main goal is simply to help. "We want people to move beyond themselves and realize hunger is real. 56 million people who are struggling, that's a lot of people who need food."

This is a national campaign that kicks-off in Austin then in other cities. It all leads up to the Super Bowl when all the money and food collected is donated. Everything donated stays local.

Learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved here.