Several thefts this month caught on camera in broad daylight

Two skeletons, a rocking chair, and a fire pit have all been caught on camera being stolen this month.

Halloween decorations fill the Wooten Neighborhood in North Austin, but one skeleton is now missing.

On Thursday at around 6:00 p.m., the homeowner, Daniel Shepherd, said he went to get some food up the road and received an alert on his phone from his Ring camera.

"I got to the video and there’s some random guy just walks up and tries to take my Halloween skeleton off the chair," Shepherd said.

But the skeleton was ziptied to the rocking chair.


"When he found it ziptied, he just grabbed the whole chair with it as well and walked off with it," Shepherd said.

The suspect ended up loading them in the back on a black truck with a waiting driver inside.

"I couldn’t believe it," Shepherd said.

Shepherd said he raced home and tried to find the car in the neighborhood but had no luck. He’s out about $250.

"You wouldn’t think that somebody would have the gall to do that in broad daylight especially with folks jogging, walking their dogs all over the neighborhood, it’s a pretty active neighborhood, so I’m surprised he was able to find a window to walk without anyone seeing," Shepherd said.

This is one of several instances involving stolen items from homes in broad daylight.

Lakeway PD is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect. On October 1 at around 5:35 p.m., a male is seen loading a steel wood-burning fire pit into the bed of a gray pickup truck.

In Northwest Austin, another theft was caught on a security camera. On October 15, a while SUV drives up to a home, a person takes a look at the 12-foot skeleton out front, pulls it down, and loads it up.

"We have a very blatant, no trespassing sign at the entrance of our street. There's only one way in, and it's the same way out. So we were struck with shock when we learned that our neighbor's large 12 foot skeleton had been stolen in broad daylight," HOA President Grazia Ruskin said.

If you have any information, you're asked to contact police.