Tornado victims still rebuilding, ADRN launches fundraising effort

Many people in Central Texas have gone on with their lives since the March 21 tornadoes, but there are still hundreds of people reeling from the devastating damage that came through the area.

"The left side of the house is completely gone," said Pete Rosky, tornado survivor.

Rosky had been renting his home in Round Rock for two years before the storm came.

"I yelled for my wife. It took a while to hear her voice but luckily she was okay. Myself and pets were able to get out," said Rosky.

With the clothes on his back and some other belongings, his family escaped, and they were just recently able to find another place to live.

"As a renter we are just trying to put together a life that we had inside the house," he said.

The homeowner is only just beginning the process of repairing the home, which was deemed unsafe to live in. Rosky's story is like hundreds of other people, renters and homeowners alike.

"A lot of us in the Austin area are back to living our life as we should be, but we may have forgotten. There are hundreds of families that are not in that place," said Daniel Geraci, executive director of Austin Disaster Relief Network.

ADRN is teaming up with Tito's for to launch its Central Texas Tornado Fundraising Campaign. They hope to raise $2 million by May 6. 

The money will go directly to getting homes repaired, replacing cars, providing essentials, and also helping people navigate homeowner's insurance. ADRN has also partnered with a legal aid agency.

"Most haven’t had the chance to call the insurance company and say hey increase my coverage by $100,000 or $200,000 so we are finding a lot of shortages out there," said Geraci.

Although the devastation hit three weeks ago, it will likely be much more time before some completely move forward with life

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