Williamson County sees people from all over Central Texas for free COVID-19 testing

Hundreds of Texans are taking advantage of the free COVID-19 testing happening in Williamson County.

This test does not require the swab to go up your nose.

“We think we are fine but it doesn’t hurt to check,” said Ray Mitchell who drove from Bartlett and expected a long wait. “It was very well organized. Everyone here the soldiers were very nice I’ve been in an out in less to 15 minutes."

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Clem Vetters drove from Elroy to get tested. “It was pretty smooth pretty fast,” he said.

Texans seeking a test cannot eat or drink for 20 minutes before the test, then sign in on their phone to receive a test, a swab used on the inside of the mouth. Staff will instruct on how to do the test, then put it in a capsule.

Results are then texted in three to five days.


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This testing is put on in partnership with Williamson County, the Texas Military Department, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management. “It’s been very well received, we’ve done over 1500 tests and so we start early in the morning and go till all the tests are used or until 4 pm,” said Connie Odom with Williamson County.

No matter the test results, those getting tested said they still plan to wear a mask. “You just need to go with the flow, wear the mask, do the 6-foot distancing and pay attention,” said Mitchell.

Testing will continue in Taylor at the Main Street intermediate school Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or while testing supplies last.


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