No. 4 Texas Longhorns confident after big win against Alabama

The UT Football team showed up and showed out in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, upsetting the then-third ranked Alabama.

It was something a lot of people, even around Austin, did not think would happen. Now the question for Coach Sark's talented bunch is, can they continue to play at a high level week in and week out?

"I don't miss those things. Those are the moments, this is why we do what we do. Like I tell our players, enjoy these moments and don't miss these things because you'll look back, and you'll remember that kind of stuff," said head coach Steve Sarkisian.

"Coach Vasek, Colton Vasek's dad, texted me, and he sent me Aaron Rodgers doing a fist bump or something," said Ethan Burke, Texas EDGE.

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Former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant even tweeted a shout-out to UT corner Ryan Watts!

"That was real, it's good to see recognition from a player who's played in the past," said Ryan Watts, Texas corner.

Beating the then-third ranked Alabama in Tuscaloosa should be celebrated, just not for too long, with 10 games left on the schedule.

"They earned the right to be confident by the way they played. Now we try to recreate it. They set a new standard for what we're capable of," said Sark.

"Our main goal wasn't to beat Bama this season, our main goal is a championship. So I just tell people that's not our main goal, just focus on the season," said Xavier Worthy, wide receiver.

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"Last year I wasn't able to handle the success that I had and went through some adversity obviously, this year I think I'm capable and more mature," said Quinn Ewers, quarterback.

Ewers and a lot of his teammates do seem more equipped to handle this kind of success, and keep their focus and edge moving forward. That said, they can sense how special this season could be.

After the Bama win, Ewers repeated two simple words, "It's time. It's time." 

"You know this university, and this team, is doing what we've been planning to do for a long, long time for a while now. Trying to see how the rest of the season plays out," said Ewers.

The No. 4 ranked Horns will have their final tuneup before kicking off Big 12 play over at the stadium Saturday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. against Wyoming.