Certain aerial fireworks won’t be sold in Williamson County due to dangerous fire conditions

Officials have announced that certain aerial fireworks, sticks rockets and missile with fins or rudders, will not be sold in Williamson County due to dangerous fire conditions. 

A burn ban is also in effect for the county.

"Williamson County is urging everyone to use extreme caution this Independence Day so that everyone has a safe holiday. To that end, we have worked in collaboration with the Texas Pyrotechnics Association and American Fireworks, Williamson County’s largest retailer, to enhance fire safety through this decision to voluntarily not sell stick rockets and missiles with fins or rudders. These products pose the greatest risk of fire danger," said County Judge Bill Gravell.

Most jurisdictions have city ordinances prohibiting the use of fireworks within or near the city limits. An interactive county map with the fireworks free buffer zone area is available at this link.

Fireworks sales begin on Friday, June 24.