Austin Water customer launches petition against city service amid latest boil water notice

Katie Mitchell, like thousands of others, was alerted of the latest boil water notice last Saturday.

"At first I thought this is just another environmental situation, it could be related to the freeze. Then as you start to hear information pour out and Austin Water said well actually this is human error, you start to question," said Mitchell.

She began to question the city's water service infrastructure, especially with this being the third boil water notice in four years.

"Some people might say Austin’s small, well we are advertising ourselves as ‘Silicon of the South’ so if we want to bring all these people here, how do we not have those measures in place already?" she said.

She started a petition, asking for a $50 billing credit for customers, but more importantly she says, accountability and change.

"It’s not about me getting $50, that’s not what it’s about. We need to reexamine staffing, the procedure for our water, those sorts of steps," she said.

Mitchell said the notice inconvenienced many households, forcing many to buy water, and use more gas boil water. Her petition is gaining traction on social media, with many sharing their personal stories, including a parent.

"She just said I have a kid with a colostomy bag. You have no idea how difficult this has made my life. I saw people talking about they can’t even go to work today because their restaurant’s closed," said Mitchell.

As FOX 7 Austin reported Wednesday, several Austin city council members are already on board with an independent audit of Austin Water. That item will be up for a vote at next week's meeting.

"The action part is what I’m focusing on. So once we get this audit back we have to ensure that we follow through on the recommendations that are provided," said Vanessa Fuentes, Austin City Council District Two.

"Maybe this is an opportunity for them to turn this around, but I’m hoping for some change. Most people in Austin are pretty fed up," said Mitchell.

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