Leander pool holds dog pool party to celebrate end of summer

The Bledsoe Pool in Leander wanted to end the outdoor season with a big splash. The city posted on their social media account inviting your furry four-legged companion over to the pool one last time before it would be emptied.

"It's really cool that they open this up and bring the dogs out and can let them swim and, you know, show off the dogs, because we get to come out here all the time and show off our kids," said dog owner Keith Ellison. 

Some pups were really showing off their tricks. There were contests from who can jump the furthest to who can make the biggest splash.

"She won the deepest dive last year and then we kind of brought the attention to the diving board," said dog owner Blake Brown.

"Won the longest jump competition. Diving off the side of the pool, diving off the diving board, having a lot of fun out here. Kind of trained him, jumping off the dock over there at the Cedar Bark park and off the back of the boat going out on the lake and whatnot," said Ellison.


It wasn't just competition; the older dogs were able to relax, hang out by the pool or just swim.

"I think it's wonderful. I've never come before, found out about it this week and insisted on being here. One goes in the water and the other one does not. But that's okay," said dog owner Joyce Smith.

Not only did the pups enjoy the pool, but the dog parents did as well.

"The whole thing, the people friendly, the dogs, getting to see all the gorgeous animals along with mine. Just a lot of fun for the dogs and their owners," said Smith.