Car with bullet hole found submerged in Lady Bird Lake pulled from the water

A car with a bullet hole was pulled out of Lady Bird Lake on Monday.

Austin police said just before 2:30 a.m., on May 1, officers got a call about a shooting at the Festival Beach boat ramp east of I-35 near Chicon and Nash Hernandez Sr Rd.

When they arrived, they found a vehicle submerged in the lake. It took officials nearly 10 hours to pull that car out of the lake.

When the sun came up, the dive team searched the water and the vehicle was recovered, but no one was found inside.

FOX 7 Austin reporter Amanda Ruiz saw investigators focusing in on a hole located on the back bumper of the car. It looked similar to a bullet hole.

Austin police refused to say if the shooting call was related to the car submerged.

Police say they will continue to investigate what happened.