New details revealed in Cedar Park gas station murder

New paperwork reveals more details on what led to the shooting of 24-year-old Akira Ross. Police say she was a shot and killed at a gas station on June 2. 

Police arrested 23-year-old Bradley Stanford for her murder.

Ross' best friend, Darranisha Graham, spoke to FOX 7 earlier this week.

"I'm still in shock. I'm very hurt. I wake up every morning, and I call her on Snapchat just to see if it's real," she said.

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The affidavit says Ross and two others drove to the Circle K gas station on FM 620.

Ross' girlfriend said they had a small argument about their pizza order, which the other friend thought may have caught the attention of Stanford. 

Ross' girlfriend went into the store, and Stanford started talking to Ross. The friend said Ross began to get agitated, and she went into the store a few minutes later. 

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Ross' friend texted Ross' girlfriend inside the store to tell the cashier about someone having a gun and to call police.

When Ross went back outside, there was an argument between her and Stanford.

The affidavit says Stanford yelled a homophobic slur and fired three rounds.

"People say mean things and when they say mean things back, they just take it upon on it, just taking a young person life, like they didn't have to do that. He just should have just got in his car and let her get in her car and just let her go home. That's all he had to do, but he took it upon his life and just took a young soul," Graham said earlier this week.

Stanford was arrested two days later in Ingleside in South Texas near Corpus Christi.

"I'm happy he's behind bars because he didn't really have to do that to my friend," Graham said.

Records show Stanford has no criminal history.