Icy roads in Central Texas result in several car crashes

Icy road conditions are expected to continue across Central Texas. Conditions that have already resulted in many crashes.

Caught on Tuesday morning's Good Day Austin’s newscast, a vehicle driving over State Highway 71 and FM 973 caught sliding on the icy roads and narrowly dodging another, already crashed truck.

"We've seen a number of crashes starting last night through today, and we're likely to see more if people don't slow down or, better yet, stay off the roadways," said Brad Wheelis, spokesperson for TxDOT. 


A 10-car pile up in South Austin left one person dead near the intersection of South First Street and Ben White Boulevard. 

Austin fire tweeted out they responded to over 90 accidents, three included AFD units.

In Williamson County, a semi-truck slid right off the road on FM 487. 

"The travel conditions can be quite treacherous and even if you see a kind of dry patch on the interstate or another highway, that may give you a false sense of security," said Wheelis.

Wheelis says TxDOT has been pre-treating the roads since Sunday and will continue through Thursday on the most heavily traveled roads in Austin. TxDOT trucks started with a brine solution which is a saltwater treatment that prevents ice from bonding on the roadways and lowers the temperature at which water freezes. After that, there is a granular substance that melts ice. 

However, Wheelis says ice will still build up no matter what so its important people stay off the roads or drive slowly.

"Slow down, increase your following distances with other vehicles. If you're going over an overpass, stay straight. Don't make any sudden moves on that overpass and definitely don't slam on your brakes," said Captain Darren Noak with Austin-Travis County EMS.

One thing he advises not to do if you find yourself in a crash, is get out of your car. FOX 7 Austin caught a person standing in the middle of SH-71 w at FM 973 next to their crash vehicle.

"You could quickly become an auto pedestrian statistic," said Captain Noak.

Captain Noak says EMS has seen a few crashes that involve people outside their cars. One case that was more serious than the others which occurred on one of the overpasses on near SH 130 and Hog Eye.

"One of those patients actually jumped over the side to try to avoid being hit by a car. The other individual was struck by a car and subsequently thrown over the embankment," he said.

Best advice he can give you, stay in your car and wait for direction from law enforcement.

In the end, officials advise everyone to stay off the roads. If you have to be on the road, check out drivetexas.org to see what roads have ice.