Jason Landry: Volunteers walk over 13 miles searching for missing Texas State student

It's been over two years and still no signs of Jason Landry, the Texas State University student who disappeared in December 2020.

Landry's wrecked car was found abandoned in Luling, Texas, and no one has seen or heard from him since then.

"There are people out there like myself that want to help the Landry family. So we have all come together to search and find Jason to bring Jason home," says Catherine Shellman, founder of the Jason Landry search team.


The group says two years is too long.

"Every time we come out here, we learn something new, we learn new techniques. We learn how to make it better. We're a group of people that comes from all over Texas, all walks of life, all different ages," says Cyndi Lay, one of the leads on the Jason Landry search team.

This weekend the volunteer search group walked over 13 miles searching for any sign of Jason. The team brought in boots on the ground searchers and human remains detection dogs.

"If one of the dogs shows interests in an area, they'll radio us and we'll get a bunch of team members and go out and we'll search. We'll look in that area. So every time we feel like we get a little bit closer, it gives us more and more hope and more energy. It revitalizes us. And again, we won't stop," says Shellman.

Catherine and Cyndi have been searching for Jason since he disappeared.

"We came together because god brought us, each one of us together. There is no doubt about that. God brought us together. There's a lot of good people here," says Lay.


The GoFundMe page for Jason Landry's search has raised additional funds to help the search and the group was able to double the reward in November.

"All the people that came together and donated to that GoFundMe, that shared that, GoFundMe. They are a part of this. Each and every one of those people," says Lay.

Anyone who has information on Jason Landry's whereabouts is asked to contact the Texas attorney general office at 512-936-0742. 

If you are interested in assisting in the search, you can contact Catherine Shellman at catherineshellman@gmail.com.