Joseph Chacon is now Austin’s police chief

It's official. Interim-Chief Joseph Chacon has been named Austin's new chief of police, chosen from a pretty big pool vying for the job of top cop.

"We received a total of 46 applicants for the job," said assistant city manager Rey Arrellano.

Chacon has a career spanning more than two decades. He came to APD back in 1998, and has held roles like assistant chief, and patrol commander. He acknowledged the work that lies ahead of him.

"APD’s relationship with the community needs a reset. The Austin Police Department is at a crossroads, as are many police departments in this country," said Chacon.

He plans to get right to work, mentioning some things he already did as interim chief, such as changing the 60-day critical incident video footage release policy to ten days.

"We also restarted our training academy with a new training paradigm, moving from one that is paramilitary in nature to one that is based in an adult learning environment," said Chacon.

The new chief is welcomed by the Austin Justice Coalition, but there may be some scrutiny.

"I'm indifferent. I think Avery Moore could've been a bit better. I am pleased it's not the lady from California," said executive director Chas Moore.

Moore said Emada Tingirides, one of the three finalists, did not align with the AJC’s views. "I think it would have made reimagining public safety and police reform here in Austin extremely more difficult," said Moore.

He does look forward to giving Chacon a chance. "I do hope that he addresses the lack of transparency when it comes to the investigations around the protests that happened last year," said Moore.

Chief Joseph Chacon will be confirmed by the Austin City Council on Sept. 30.

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