Pflugerville City Council approves construction contract for new wastewater treatment plant

Pflugerville City Council authorized an investment into construction on a new wastewater treatment plant.

Council voted to authorize a $1.5 million contract with Pepper-Lawson Waterworks for the first phase of construction for the new Wilbarger Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant project.

The plant is a $200 million wastewater treatment facility that will accommodate Pflugerville’s growth and service needs and process 6 million gallons a day.

Also approved were contracts for more than $17.9 million in professional services including design engineer’s construction administration, construction management, and construction materials testing.


Future construction phases will be brought forward for approval by City Council in rapid succession over the next several months, says the city.

The city says this item supports the Infrastructure Pillar of the City's Strategic Plan.

The wastewater treatment plant will break ground in summer 2023.