Search continues for person who killed Texas State student

San Marcos police were at the University Inn Friday morning detaining a man who was causing a disturbance at a nearby business. The encounter took place across the street from Park North Condominiums, where a Texas State student was found murdered earlier this week.

The two cases are unrelated, according to authorities, but the increase in police presence around the condos and the promise of security upgrades had Lucy Fruge feeling better about her morning dog walk. “I feel safe, I’ve never had any incidents around here, but no matter where you go there are going to be problems, I suppose,” said Fruge.

That was the case Wednesday when police were called to the condominiums after the body of Aaron Jack Peterman was found by family members in his unit. Peterman was identified Thursday as a freshman at Texas State University.

According to detectives, he had been shot once.

Its believe the shooting may have been the result of a robbery. “I think it is random and unfortunate ... I love this town I’ve been here six years I graduated in 2017 and I decided to stay, everybody here has been fantastic and I don’t want to say that it’s a trend, but what do I know,” said Fruge.

A manager at the condominium told me they recently put up fencing around the small complex and that reduced the number of trespassing cases. Discussion is now underway about the possibility of adding a gated entrance.This is the second murder in less than a year at the condo.

Back in August a man was gunned down in the parking lot. He didn’t live here and police made an arrest a few days later but this latest incident for residents serves as a red flag. “I kind of feel that something has to be done, I Live by myself, so so when I heard about the second one, just living by myself, my safety, I get concerned for that,” said Abby Gore.

A spokesperson for the San Marcos Police Department told FOX 7 investigators are still looking for leads into Peterman’s murder. This is the first murder of the year in San Marcos, but since 2016 it is the eighth Texas State University student to die because of a violent act.

Previous cases involved arson, alcohol poisoning, being run down by a bus and suicide.

University officials tell FOX 7 Austin no new safety initiatives have been launched as a result of these deaths but because of this latest cas, grief counselors will be made available to Peterman’s classmates.



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