South Texas prepares for Abbott, Trump border tour

Several long sections of border wall are already up between Brownsville and Laredo. 

On Tuesday gaps in the wall were watched at some locations by cameras and at others by members of the National Guard. 

Residents who spoke to FOX 7 said illegal immigration and border crime that brought about the enhanced security measures may be two different issues but some type of protective barrier is needed.

"To me I think it is I think will be a lot safer because you don’t know who crosses some people you may be looking for work but others are crossing because they’re running from something over there and they’re going to try to do something here," said border resident John Cerros.

The water on the Rio Grande River Tuesday night was calm. Despite its appearance, the river has never been able to stop illegal crossings. On Wednesday Gov. Greg Abbott will use the border as a backdrop to show former President Donald Trump his plan to secure it.

In a video statement sent to FOX 7, Don Huffines, a Republican challenger to Abbott, said the tour with former President Trump is nothing more than a campaign stop.

"Abbott’s trip to the border is all about himself and his political career. Texans will be no more safer tomorrow because he is taking some photos at the Texas border. It’s simply a political stunt and this is what Abbott has done for six years. He goes for the political stunt instead of taking actions that make Texans more safe," said Huffines.

On Wednesday afternoon after touring the border, Abbott and Trump will go to a local airport for what’s described as a townhall melting.

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