Spring Branch woman was not murdered, preliminary autopsy reveals

There has been an update on a Spring Branch woman whose body was found just yards from her home late last month.

Investigators said they do not believe Shana DiMambro was murdered, according to the preliminary autopsy results. 

It is also possible the theory can change. Investigators said it could take more than a year before they have full results back and a better idea of what happened.

"There's no evidence of foul play, there's no evidence that she was killed there," said Abel Pena, a retired FBI agent from Project Absentis.

Pena, who runs a missing persons nonprofit that's helping with the case, said it will take months for the full report to come back.


"But at the moment, they're not seeing anything, no markings, nothing that would lead a medical examiner, reasonable person to believe that, you know, she was assaulted or hurt," Pena said.

DiMambro's husband, Chris Antos, reported her missing from their Spring Branch RV on July 19. He said she struggled with depression and addiction.

"You know it was a long time ago, but she battled some spiritual warfare stuff," said Chris Antos. "We're both just trying to put our past behind us."

On July 29, Shana's body was found just a few hundred yards from the couple's RV on a private branch. Investigators have yet to determine how she died. 

"I think just at this point, there are a lot of unanswered questions out there. I think many people want to know what happened to her. And certainly we do, too," said Chris Anto.

Investigators are still waiting on toxicology results. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Comal County Sheriff's Office of Project Absentis.