State of Texas holds public hearing on hemp regulations

HB 1325 is giving farmers, and consumers an opportunity to grown and more easily purchase hemp products, including CBD oil.

“This is huge because farmers right now are being slammed by countries like China so they are looking for an alternative crop. This bill is going to allow them to do that,” said Zachary Maxwell, with Texas Hemp Growers.

Hemp is a fiber that falls into the cannabis family. Under the new bill, not only will hemp become widely available, but it will govern regulation. “Due to the lack of regulation we have right now, the environment for CBD is kind of cavalier and it's really up to consumers until we see these rules go into effect,” said Maxwell.

But what are those rules? The Department of State Health Services hasn't made them yet, that's why Thursday, DSHS held a public hearing.

“My primary concern is CBD products must be mindfully regulated. Manufacturers, distributors, marketers, and retailers must be held accountable for the health and safety issues surrounding their products,” said Elizabeth Jones, public health advocate.

Stakeholders included health advocates, business owners, and farmers...all concerned about health, safety and making sure their businesses remain compliant with the upcoming rules. “We need to address not only massive commercial grow operations, but homegrown and small business operations. Both should be allowed as long as they follow the language of HB 1325,” said Jesse Williams with

Maxwell says if you are a consumer, there are key things you need to look for if you’re buying something like CBD oil.

“What you’re looking for under this new law is a QR code or URL on that bottle that will actually lead you directly to the test results. We've been hearing stories about these folks who will buy CBD oil and then fail a drug test because the ingredients that are in the bottle aren't exactly what's advertised,” said Maxwell.

Advocates say regulation and compliance will help keep Texans safe from harmful chemicals...and it will make business a lot easier for stakeholders.



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