Summer camps are back in high demand

For millions of kids who missed out on summer camp during the pandemic, this year offers the chance to make up for missed time. Programs are already in high demand. 

Camps around the country are warning parents: If you haven't decided on a program, you need to soon. 

"Demand is outstripping capacity, actually," Tom Rosenberg, President and CEO of American Camp Association. 

Camps provide a break from screen time. While most children are back at school and less isolated than the previous two years, experts say many are still behind in their social development.

"It's chock-full social and emotional learning experience," Rosenberg said. "Today in the pandemic, all of us and especially our children are emotionally reactive instead of emotionally resilient. As a result of all the isolation they've experience and the disruption they've experience, kids need a deeply human experience like camp.

College-aged seasonal workers can learn how to lead and work with peers. 

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