Texas State Bobcats bowl eligible for first time since 2014

For the first time in nine years, the Texas State University football team is bowl eligible after winning 45-24 against Georgia Southern Saturday, Nov. 4.

"It's just pretty cool, I just never thought it would be, they fight so hard, and then to make it to that point," freshman Hector Rascon said.

"People are going to know about Texas State now, who Texas State is and our traditions," sophomore Jesus Vargas said.

"I'm really happy I can support something that's actually going to go somewhere and make headlines and stuff, so I think that's really exciting," freshman Ruby Lane-Bruner said.

University President Kelly Damphousse and football coach GJ Kinne followed through on a promise, jumping into the river just like graduates traditionally do.

"I think it's really good that he's jumping into tradition like the rest of us," Lane-Bruner said.

"It's fun, not a lot of people, especially with someone in such a high position, you don't really see that, it's really nice because it's for the people, it's for your community," Rascon said.


Rascon found out about bowl eligibility after going to the game on Saturday.

"I was like, 'nuh uh,' like yep, can't wait to see it now, definitely see Texas State up there, my colors, definitely leaking down into my family," he said.

He's a first-generation student, and his family is embracing the school spirit.

"We're very happy we have a color to associate with ours, maroon and gold, and everything, it's really fun, my family's always asking me for gear, shirts, things from the games," he said.

Texas State's next game will be Saturday, Nov. 11 against Coastal Carolina in South Carolina.