Texas weather: Downed tree pokes holes in roof of Austin home

After storms blew through Central Texas on Thursday evening, Chester Gero walked out to an unexpected sight at his home in southwest Austin.

"I heard a big bang, and I mean, it was really loud," said Gero, who checked outside but didn’t see anything initially. "I went to go to the restroom, and I looked inside the bedroom. I looked and it was full of insulation."

Part of his neighbor's tree had broken off, leaving a gaping hole in one of his bedrooms and a smaller hole in the kitchen. There was also some water damage to the kitchen ceiling. 

"It's humongous," he said. "I mean it came down so hard it just poked holes in the roof like crazy."


The extent of the damage was unknown on Friday morning as Gero and his wife waited for the insurance company. 

"It was really bad. Pretty traumatic," said Gero. "But I was fortunate. Nobody got hurt."