Tornado survivor shows storm shelter in Salado

Clean up continues for the areas hit hard by last week’s tornado near Florence and Salado. One survivor gave FOX 7 Austin a tour of the storm shelter that protected their family. 

"We were lucky to be in the shelter, very much recommend one," said Toby Hatton. 

When the devastating EF-3 tornado struck southern Bell County, Hatton gathered his family and neighbors and went for the storm shelter in his backyard.

"We could tell that the tornado was close by. It got really quiet, the hail stopped, and you could just hear big debris falling," said Hatton.

After seeing the aftermath down the road, Hatton said he’s grateful he bought his shelter two years ago. He already had to use it twice this year. 

"Anywhere in Texas you should consider getting a storm shelter, because we seem to be a magnet here in Central Texas."

His storm shelter is 6 feet by 8 feet. It’s enough room to fit seven people standing. He has the room stocked with battery powered lights and a radio. 

"It’s not meant to be comfortable for long-term, it’s meant for you to get in seek shelter while the storm is coming over and then come out afterwards."

After dealing with two tornados in the area this spring, he said the $3,600 price tag was worth every penny. 

"It’s expensive depending on what you can afford but it’s better to be in there than in the house."

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