Volunteers search again for missing Texas State student Jason Landry

It's been almost three months since a Texas State student went missing on his way home for Christmas break. This weekend, a search team made up of almost 100 volunteers met in Caldwell County to search again for Jason Landry.

A usually quiet and empty part of Caldwell County was filled with volunteers, helicopters, and other searching resources to look for Landry.

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"This is a very rural area. There are no homes around here. It's a lot of ground to cover," said Shawn Hohnstreiter, Chairman and Operations Chief of TEXSAR.

Jason Landry went missing on December 13th, 2020 while on his way home from college for Christmas break. His car was left wrecked near a remote area northeast of Luling, but Jason was nowhere to be found.

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Three months later, he's still missing and volunteers are still looking for him. "Hopefully today is the day that we bring Jason home today," said Hohnstreiter.

The area makes up almost 32,000 acres and is the only area the investigation has led to regarding where Jason could be. It has already been searched multiple times, but TEXSAR has decided to return and search again.


"We are covering tens of thousands of acres here, again, researching a lot of areas that were searched previously in December when Jason first went missing just with a finer tooth comb," said Hohnstreiter.

The weekend-long search was run by almost 100 volunteers putting their all to find Jason.


"We're just doing different methods, whether that's ground pounders, drones, helicopters, and various resources. We have water resources out here as well," said Hohnstreiter.

The goal is to find Jason and bring him home to his family.

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"We want to see this through for the family and that's why we're here," said Hohnstreiter.