NFL expansion team in Austin? Mayor Adler responds to Dallas mayor's tweets

Could we have an NFL team in Austin? Austin Mayor Steve Adler has voiced his support for the idea.

In a tweet, Mayor Adler said, "Not saying it will happen, but wouldn't Austin be a lot cooler if it happened?" 

The tweet was a response to an article that talked about Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson's support for a second NFL team in Dallas. Johnson had responded to a tweet on May 5 by NFL on CBS asking people, "If the NFL announced a new expansion team, what city do you think most deserves it?"

Johnson said that the answer is Dallas. He said the fact that Dallas is about to "become the #3 metro in the US" and that it would make Dallas "the largest US metro WITHOUT 2 teams. Football is king here. Dallas needs an expansion team and we would be able to sustain 2 @NFL teams better than LA or NY."

The mayor of Dallas went on to say in a series of tweets that the city needs an AFC team that plays in Southern Dallas and asked, "Who wouldn't want to see a Dallas versus Dallas Super Bowl…in the City of Dallas?"

Johnson went on to suggest maybe that the Chargers or Jaguars should move to the Lone Star State. 

As for the potential name for the team, Johnson said, "The City of Dallas won’t be allowing any more teams who don’t actually have any of their assets located within our city limits use our name, so if the NFL wants the Frisco Chargers or Frisco Jaguars to be their next expansion team, that’s their call."

Johnson also asked, "So, if a deal can be made that benefits the NFL, the other owners, the City of Dallas, and possibly the Cowboys, it’s a no brainer. But here’s the rub: if it benefits all of the stakeholders I just mentioned except Jerry Jones, does that mean a deal couldn’t/shouldn’t happen?"