UT Austin, Texas State football teams make history this season

December 2, 2023, Arlington, Texas, United States: Texas Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian makes the Hook 'Em Horns sign after defeating Oklahoma State and winning the 2023 Dr Pepper Big 12 Championship after the match between Texas Longhorns and Oklah

The University of Texas at Austin and Texas State University have a lot to celebrate. Both football teams have made history this season.

"Coming from such low points, a lot of low moments, these moments make it even better," says UT Austin student Devin Ritter.

The Longhorns won the 2023 Big 12 Championship against Oklahoma State University on Saturday. The win sent them to the College Football Playoffs for the first time ever.

"I'm really excited, especially my freshman year, going 5-7 that Kansas game was pretty rough. So, that feeling compared to how it is now, it's amazing. Especially because I was born and raised here in Austin," said Ritter.

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The Horns will head to New Orleans to play against the Washington Huskies on New Year's Day in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

"I'm super impressed by all the parts that we have done. Now, I really wasn't anticipating this, but seeing them improve, keep going, fighting through the end, I can see we deserve it and take it all this year," says UT Austin student Estabon Santos.

In San Marcos, Texas State is also celebrating a first.

"It’s pretty cool, it’s pretty nice, it’s really impressive, that’s good for them. They are balancing their academics at the same time. That must be really challenging," says Texas State University student Jairo Contreras.

The Bobcats will play against the Rice Owls in the First Responder Bowl on December 26 at Ford stadium in Dallas. This will be the team's first bowl game in history with first-year head coach GJ Kinne.

"We are really excited. Our players were ecstatic yesterday in the team meeting. I think it’s great because a lot of their family and friends get to come and watch them play, and obviously, Bobcat Nation is excited about getting to stay in Texas," says Texas State University head coach GJ Kinne.

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"I’m a fan of Rice. You know, I’ve got some family out there, but they are not going to win the game," says Texas State University student Jordan Hunter.

Many students are looking forward to supporting the team as they make history.

"I know a couple of my friends are going out there. I’m still deciding or not and seeing my schedule and everything and seeing if I’m going to be able to make it, but if I can make it, I’m definitely going to be at the game," says freshman student at Texas State University Wyatt Hall.

"We are ready for this game. I know I’m ready for this ball game, and we’re going to win," said Hunter.