Travis County DA dismisses domestic violence case against Chris Beard

Travis County District Attorney José Garza announced his office has filed a motion to dismiss the case against former Texas men's basketball coach Chris Beard

The DA's office said after a review of the evidence, recent public statements, and the victim's wishes, they determined the felony offense cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

"Our office takes all domestic abuse cases seriously to ensure justice for the victims," said Travis County District Attorney José Garza. "In every case, we are obligated to evaluate the facts and evidence and do our best to reach an outcome that will keep the victim and our community safe."

The motion to dismiss the case was filed Wednesday, Feb. 15.

"Everyone knows that Coach Beard has maintained his absolute innocence since the moment he was arrested. Today, the district attorney has filed a motion to dismiss the case in the Interest of Justice, which is not common. Additionally, this district attorney has a well-earned reputation for being very tough regarding domestic violence cases. The fact that Mr. Garza’s review resulted in this determination so quickly – says a lot. We are very pleased," said Perry Q. Minton, Beard's attorney.


The former University of Texas at Austin men's basketball head coach was arrested on Dec. 12 for alleged assault, police said. 

When police responded to the West Austin home on Vista Lane, the victim told investigators she had been assaulted and strangled by Beard, saying, "He just snapped on me and became super violent," according to the affidavit.

Then she described what happened, "He choked me, threw me off the bed, bit me, bruises all over my leg, throwing me around, and going nuts."

She says she didn't feel safe, and that's why she called 911.

The victim said the two had been upset with each other for a couple of days. She went to check on him, got frustrated, took a pair of glasses from his hand, broke them, and left the room.

Beard was arrested and charged with assault by strangulation/suffocation, which is a third degree felony. He was released from jail on December 12 after posting $10,000 bond.