Hurricane Beryl: Vacationers wait out storm in Mexico

As thousands prepare for the storm in the Gulf, vacationers in Mexico braved strong winds and rain on Friday.

One of those tens of thousands of people choosing to vacation in Cancun and Tulum this weekend was FOX 7 Austin Sports Anchor and Reporter John Hygh.

"Well, it's not that bad yet in Tulum," said Hygh as he recorded the outside of his resort. "It's a little rainy, but I'm going to get some breakfast."

Hygh waited out the category 2 storm in Tulum, Mexico on Friday.

"Hope these winds don't get too crazy," said Hygh.

Just days before, Hurricane Beryl's winds devastated the Caribbean when it landed as a category 4.


"It was terrible," said one person who survived the storm in Jamaica. "I have never experienced nothing like that before. The wind was so devastating. It was something like I've never seen before."

Beryl lost some momentum in Mexico, but it's now pummeling toward the Texas Coast.

The National Hurricane Center is expecting it to regain strength in the Gulf, landing as a category 1 hurricane.

"Everyone along the coast should be vigilant," said Lt. Governor Ken Paxton at a press conference Friday. "Be in place by Monday wherever you're going to be."

Central Texas could see heavy rainfall as Hurricane Beryl makes landfall.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, it’s back to vacationing.

"Now they're starting to put stuff back out at the pool, cleaning the pool," said Hygh. "It is all good in the hood, so yeah, we got really lucky."