Jarrell PD investigating threat made on social media involving JISD students

Jarrell police are investigating a threat made on social media and are asking parents in Jarrell ISD to secure their firearms and monitor their student’s social media accounts. Some parents said they’re keeping their students home Monday.

"Such a small town. You wouldn't think this kind of stuff would happen," concerned JISD parent Raven Baacke said.

Parents said they found a TikTok of a girl threatening to shoot up Jarrell Middle School.

"The girl even shows her face in her TikTok and she calls herself the middle school shooter that she's going to go and shoot up kids. She even mentioned shooting them on the bus," Baacke said.

Jarrell ISD said there was an incident at the middle school on Friday, but it was addressed, Jarrell PD investigated, and there was not a gun found on the campus.

Parents said after that another TikTok was posted.

"She said just because I got caught doesn't mean it's over. My friends still have the gun so it's still going down. It's not over. And then her next one guys, y'all think this is a joke but this is not. So just saying y'all know, be ready seeing y'all die will be fun," Baacke said.

The posts have been taken down, but parents believe the threat is real and many plan to keep their children home from school Monday.

"I don't want to risk anything happening to them, so I don't want to put them in danger. Until I know that, you know, something has happened to the student, I'll be keeping them home," Baacke said.


Jarrell PD said they do not have a suspect at this time. They said they will have increased law enforcement presence on campuses throughout the week.

"Are they going to search every child? Are they going to, you know, what are they going to do? Are they going to have metal detectors there? Are they going to, you know, like, how is, how is just the presence of law enforcement going to stop? What if something may happen?" concerned JISD parent John Soto asked.

Jarrell PD is asking parents of JISD students to properly secure firearms and monitor their student’s social media accounts. They said they’re working with local, state, and federal law enforcement on this investigation. 

Jarrell ISD said an absence will be excused if parents decide to keep their middle school child home tomorrow.