Salado church damaged by tornado still planning on holding Easter Sunday service

The Salado community is still cleaning up after a tornado ripped through the town on Tuesday. That's not stopping some churches from holding Easter Sunday service. 

At First Cedar Valley Baptist Church, many community members have been stopping by to help out and offer donations. They plan to have their Sunday service in the parking lot. 

Pastor Donnie Jackson points to the one thing still standing strong in the structure.

"This building was basically demolished except for that cross, and it goes untouched," he said. "The reason for that I believe with all my heart is God protected that cross. It will be the symbol of what we're going to celebrate Sunday."

The Easter Sunday service will be put on with the space they have and with help from others.

"What better time? When you need the lord the most, we're going to celebrate him right here on our parking lot. We know without him, we can't do what we've got to do and that's rebuild this building," Jackson said.

He expects dozens of people to come, if not more.

Jackson says volunteers and other churches have offered to bring chairs and sound equipment for the service. He estimates at least a million dollars in damage at the church. 

"This building is not the church. The people are the church, but we have to have a place to gather," he said. "God gave us this, and he's going to give us a rebuild."

Down the road, Victory Baptist Church was also damaged. 

"We are crushed in what we see, but God has given us the strength I looked in the Bible and it doesn't say anywhere I quit, so I'm going to keep on and build the church back," pastor Billy Borho said Wednesday. 

The same determination echoing throughout the community. 

"We're going to just get stronger because of this," Jackson said. 

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