Survey reveals Texas' worst driver relationships in the state

A new study has revealed where people feel like their relationship with other drivers is the worst within the state of Texas. 

The survey, provided by the car dealership San Antonio CDJR, asked 2,000 Texan road users about their relationships with other drivers.

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The survey asked respondents to rate their relationships with other drivers on the roads out of 10. A rate of 10 being the most harmonious while a rate of one being the least harmonious. 

The survey revealed that Arlington was the least harmonious in the state, where drivers rated their relationships at a lowly 2.5 out of 10. Meanwhile, Central Texas' New Braunfels drivers seem to be the happiest with each other and was rated 7.2 out of 10. 

Texas’ biggest city, Houston, also rated low 4.6 out of 10 as did Dallas which rated at 4.7 out 10.

See how other drivers around Texas rated their city here. 

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The survey also revealed which unsavory road habits cause drivers to get angry with other drivers. 

The survey also showed that 27% of Texans say tailgating and pulling out without indication are the main causes of their road rage. 26% of Texas drivers say people using their cellphones anger them, followed by cutting in a queue of traffic at 10%, and blocking the outside lane, also at 10%. 

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The company also says that 54% of Texans surveyed believe that lockdown presented a good opportunity to relook at the way we use our roads on a daily basis, such as the need to install more bike lanes and reserving more space for pedestrians.