Cedar Park shopping center hopes to bring in hundred of jobs, thousands of shoppers

A huge shopping center near the intersection of New Hope Road and U.S. Highway 183 in Cedar Park will be opening in the next few years. 

It will include a hotel, convention center, and two new stores.

"Cedar Park and the Austin community is certainly in growth mode and seems to really match up nicely with our culture and our style," said Andy Shefsky, the PR and community manager for NFM.

Nebraska Furniture Mart is one of the two new businesses making the move to central Texas.

"Anything and everything that you might need whether it's a one-item visit, or you want to completely start from the beginning with a home makeover," said Shefsky.

The other latest addition is SCHEELS, a large retail and sports store.

"The average customer spends about 2 and half hours in the store," said Ashley Sornsin, the brand manager for SCHEELS.

Inside each store is also a restaurant, aquarium, and even a 65-foot Ferris Wheel.

"We felt that making ourselves stand apart and offering some of these different amenities brings a lot of joy to families and family is important to us," said Sornsin.

Altogether, the development will be nearly 1.5 million square feet. 

The companies said they've picked out a plot of land right behind the H-E-B Center at Cedar Park to build on.

"The Austin community and Cedar Park area, specifically, was I guess a great fit for us, and the Nebraska Furniture Mart, which we are with in the Grandscape in The Colony, they were building in Cedar Park, and so we knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity," said Sornsin.

Combined, both stores are looking at hiring 1200 people.

"Those positions are mainly going to be anything from management to sales professionals, interior designers, customer service designers, and staff for our warehouse."


Tony Moline, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce, sent FOX 7 Austin the following statement:

"New businesses like NFM and Scheels are vital to the Cedar Park business community and its residents because they contribute to economic growth, job creation, and enhanced local shopping and recreational options. These new establishments not only boost the city's tax revenue but also provide residents with diverse employment opportunities and a wider range of products and services, ultimately improving the overall quality of life in the area. All of this combined is what continues to make Cedar Park an attractive area to live and work."

Both stores expect to break ground in 2024 and open in 2026.