Fort Hood soldier Pvt. Ana Basaldua Ruiz's death: LULAC says "enough is enough"

An investigation is ongoing at Fort Hood after Pvt. Ana Basaldua Ruiz was found dead at her quarters on March 13.

"Ya basta que estamos aqui otra ves, otra ves defendiendo la memoria de este joven de 21 años de edad," says LULAC communication director David Cruz. In English, Cruz is saying, "Enough is enough we're here again defending the memory of a young 21-year-old soldier."

LULAC issued a statement saying Basaldua Ruiz complained to her parents about repeated sexual harassment by other service members, including one of her immediate superiors.

"I want to make it very clear that under the Brandon Act and under the Vanessa Guillen Act, sexual harassment is now a violation of federal law," says Cruz.

Pvt. Ana Basaldua Ruiz was found dead at her Fort Hood quarters on March 13.

On Thursday, Fort Hood officials said there was no foul play in the death of Pvt. Basaldua Ruiz. During the presser on Friday, March 17, the Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division did acknowledge allegations of sexual harassment, but could not confirm it. They say it will be part of the investigation.

"We are aware of allegations of harassment, and I am confident CID is investigating and will investigate those allegations. We take any allegations of harassment very seriously," says Fort Hood Lt. Gen. Sean Bernabe, commanding general of III Armored Corps and Fort Hood.

Lt. Gen. Bernabe says Fort Hood leadership has been in constant contact with Basaldua Ruiz’s mother and father in an effort to keep them updated on ongoing efforts.

CID provided an update, to which Bernabe provided a portion of that statement saying, "At this point in the investigation, there are no indications of foul play, CID is not ruling anything out, and they will investigate the circumstances leading up to Ana’s death fully and completely."

LULAC says the latest death is all too similar to what happened to Spc. Vanessa Guillen, who also complained about sexual harassment, and was murdered in 2020 at Fort Hood. 

The FBI should conduct an outside investigation on Basaldua Ruiz's case, LULAC says.

"It is not only the moment of that death that concerns us as an organization in a community. We are also very concerned about the circumstances and the factors leading up to her untimely death," says Cruz.

Fort Hood officials say if anyone has information about previous or ongoing harassment of any type, involving Basaldua Ruiz or any other soldier, please come forward.