Former President Trump tours southern border with Gov. Abbott

The trip back to South Texas Wednesday for former President Donald Trump was more of a political rally than a border wall tour. Gov. Greg Abbott invited Trump to see the stalled construction project that was a major initiative under the Trump administration. 

During Trump’s speech before a group of Republican supporters, he used the moment to again call his loss of a second term a "fake election." The loss made his plans for a complete border wall an unfulfilled promise.

"Within two months, everything could’ve been completed, it would’ve been painted, not sitting there rotting and rusting, it would’ve been perfect-o, it was all set," said Trump.

For Abbott, the trip with Trump to an open section of wall south of McAllen achieved two goals. The event was a chance to promote Trump’s endorsement of Abbott’s bid for re-election. It was also a chance for Abbott to send a message to the current president.

"President Biden needs to start right there, and finish building the border wall that President Trump began putting back up," said Abbott.

If that doesn’t happen, Abbott restated his own promise to build the wall.

Earlier in the day during a briefing and discussion about border security, Trump issued a challenge and a question, both directed toward those who continue to question the need for a wall.

"The real question is, do they really want open borders or are they incompetent? There is only two things, you are either incompetent or for some reason you have a screw loose and you want to have open borders," said Trump.

After making their statements, Trump and Abbott took pictures with a group of Republicans who attended the event. The two then completed their border wall tour by going back to their awaiting motorcade.

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