Accused Austin 'serial killer' may be heading to trial this summer

Accused serial killer Raul Meza Jr. may be heading to trial soon. 

This comes a year after he was arrested for admitting to killing two people. He’s also under investigation in several other cases.

It’s been a year of the victims' families going through the court process. They said it now feels like there’s progress.

On Tuesday, it was a quick hearing for Meza, an already convicted murderer.

"I know that he’s not going to get out this time," Gloria Lofton’s daughter Christina Fultz said.


Meza served time for the killing of 8-year-old Kendra Page in Southeast Austin but was released early from prison in 1993.

"Make him serve his 30 years, this wouldn't have happened. I think he found the devil and the devil's still in him," Kendra Page’s sister Tracy Page said.

Last year, Meza confessed to the 2019 murder of Gloria Lofton in East Austin and the 2023 murder of Jesse Fraga in Pflugerville.

"I quote, ‘I got out in 2016. I ended up murdering a lady soon afterwards,’" Austin Police Department detective Patrick Reed said of what Meza told him.

Meza has been indicted for one count of capital murder and another count of murder. Meza’s attorneys have offered a plea deal of 50 years for each murder to be served concurrently in exchange for avoiding going to trial and facing a possible death sentence. Prosecutors are evaluating it. Family members of the victims are urging them to reject it.


"Two lives is not worth 50 years and I think that we should still be considering the death penalty if we get to trial and everything," Fultz said.

Going to trial may be what is next. If an agreement can’t be made, Meza will be transported to court, be arraigned, enter a plea, and the trial process will begin.

"I’m excited to go through the trial and see how it goes, and hopefully this man will get stopped," Fultz said.

Meza is being investigated for other cold cases in Austin and San Antonio.

"I hope that man fries," Fultz said.

Meza is set to be in court August 27.