Family remembers father of 8 who was shot, killed in San Marcos

Family members of a man who was shot and killed at the end of September are speaking out. 

Over a month has passed since 41-year-old Nathaniel Hudson's death.

"We really love him still, and we really miss him," said his mother, Sheree Hudson. "He's being missed right now. He was a part of us."

Family members describe him as a great son, brother, father, friend, and well-rounded person.

Police say he was shot and killed on Sept. 30 at an apartment complex in San Marcos.

His family spoke to FOX 7 from San Antonio.

"I just cried and cried and cried," said his son, Christian Ramsey, about when he found out about what happened.

"It was hard breaking it to my children, my very young children that don't understand what's going on," said Echo Edwards, mother of three of Nathaniel's children.

The suspect, 18-year-old Ray Saenz, was not arrested until a week and a half later.

According to the arrest warrant, Hudson was Saenz's mother's boyfriend, and this all started after an argument. 

Sheree says she believes, "he went there to hurt my son."

"It was some type of verbal dispute among Saenz and his mother's boyfriend at the time, where the mother's boyfriend is now the victim," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla.


The warrant says Hudson was shot multiple times, with evidence suggesting the shooting happened within 10–15 feet of him. 

"He could've just had a fight or something, but if it was four bullets come on, four bullets up close, how could he fight that? And who would do that to him?" Sheree said.

The U.S. Marshals say they got tips that Saenz was known to be in the Austin area. He was arrested on East Cesar Chavez after a short chase. 

"The young man is only 18 years old. His whole life is in front of him. I don't wish any harm or danger to him because he has a life of jail time ahead of him. He needs to get some help," Sheree said.


Court records show Saenz was previously charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Saenz's attorney says he doesn't have a comment at this point.

"We have forgiveness in our heart. We just need grieve," Sheree said. "We need justice because there are eight little children that are not going to have their dad for Thanksgiving and Christmas and their birthdays. We got to get through that."

"Even though gun violence is one of the things that happen in the world, you know, he was taken from us," Gregory Nelson, Nathaniel's stepfather, said. "He will not be forgotten. We will keep his legacy going."